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Why Hire me to be by your side to capture your memories on one of the biggest if not the biggest days of your life?

1) Good photography is more than a fancy camera. I have spent literally a thousand hours training to be a photographer and hundreds of hours actually photographing weddings. I know how to get the shot predictably every time. I know how to compose the shot beautifully and then execute it with skill and precision. It isn’t the camera that does this – it is me. As I shoot in manual – I tell the camera what it should be doing rather than allowing the camera’s sensors to make the decisions for me. So if you want that beautiful photograph of you and your new husband or wife gorgeously put together– you can only get that with a pro who knows how to use their gear in and out.

2) I know how the day flows. It is the experience of being at tons of different weddings that allows me to know just where to look and when. I know the time in the wedding when I can sneak a shot of your dad looking at you with a tear in his eye. I know to expect that moment when your bride looks deep into your soul while you’re having your first dance as husband and wife (or any combo because hey, love is love.)

3) I know how to work in tricky lighting. I am not phased by bright sunlight or cave dark ceremony rooms. I can walk into any room and know within seconds where the best spot is to stand and where the best light will be. Every time. Without fail. If that light I’m looking for doesn’t exist, I create it.

4) I am experienced in dealing with the raw emotions of a wedding day. I know how to get mom to stop repeating the time every 10 minutes whilst the bride breaks out into a cold sweat because she might be 3 minutes late for the wedding. I know how to deal with the usher who had a few too many before the ceremony even started. I can get a big group of people rounded up for photos – loudly and cheerfully, cooperatively and without yelling. I know how to advise you on lacing that dress that looked so easy to lace in the shop but now looks like a 50000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I know how to get you calmed down when the flowers show up and some are missing or they are the wrong color. This takes years of experience and finding out what to say (and what not to say!) during a day when everyone’s emotions are sky high.


With all of that being said, I do take many factors into account while making a quote for Weddings such as total hours needed, travel and locations, size of bridal party and guest count.

For Weddings, I am with you your entire day, capturing getting ready, the Ceremony, Reception and everything in between. You will receive a USB with all of your edited final images, typically between 350-500 images. When I have finished editing (8-10 weeks) you also get an online gallery for 60 days (after photos are released) to share with family and friends. This album is linked to a professional photography printing lab that is specifically catered to my personal type of shooting and editing. You can use the album to view or to purchase any prints, canvases and other special products you might like. Ill also make a few thank you cards and include them in the gallery and can be ordered in sets of 25.

Engagement Portraits are $150 or only $75 added onto any package for Weddings and includes a 1 hour session, 10-15 images Digitally Released with Print Permission and 90 days of online album. SAVE THE DATES will be made and can also be ordered in sets of 25. I love to use this time of engagement photos to get to know the couple and have them get comfortable with me and having a camera in their face as well as use it to talk about details for the Wedding and big days leading up to it!

Wedding packages start at $1,200 and include;

‣10 hour coverage

‣Up to 3 locations

‣8-10 week delivery

‣High Resolution Images on USB

‣Online gallery 90 days linked to Professional Photo Lab

All packages are fully customized to meet the uniqueness of each Wedding.
Contact me to chat about all the details to get a quote to specifically meet your needs!

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See Pricing for Printing, Canvases & Cards

Add a PhotoBooth for 50$ off Booth services.

A contract is made and a 25% deposit is required upon booking of Weddings and total services to secure the date and the remaining balance to be paid no less than one month prior to the event.

Please Contact me for more information about Weddings and to get a quote! I am confident you will absolutely love having me by your side for your big day while you’re making the memories I will be capturing for you.