About Me

I am always the one behind the camera…

…what’s that all about?

At a very young age, I knew photography was me and what I loved to do. I have always thought that the feeling you get while looking at a photo and you’re transported back to that exact moment is just so heartwarming by truly stopping time in its tracks.

After years of snapping photos on throw away cameras and using my mom’s point and shoot film camera I was given my first real film SLR camera in 1997 at age 12 and then I received digital point and shoot the next year. I’ve never stopped shooting. My love for Music and Photography lead me to book gigs for local bands throughout high school at different venues all around town just so I had the opportunity to shoot a bunch of people in one place having a good time and the bands could use my photos for their stuff and help get my name out there, all while enjoying live music and friends. After high school, I attended Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography on a 2-year path to get my associates degree in Photography. I learned a lot about my craft and even picked up some graphic design along the way.

During college in 2004 is when I started this business and it has, up until 2013, been a side hobby. I spent many years working my way through most of the corporate Photography businesses all while falling in love and starting a family. Working as an associate and then manager I spent 3 years at The Picture People, 3 years at Sears Portrait Studio plus 2 years at Picture Me Portrait Studio (same company as Sears) until they went out of business when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. After a little break I spent almost 2 years with Mom365 as the Lead Newborn Photographer at several hospitals taking about 10-15 newborn babies first professional portraits a week, I loved that job most but during that time is when I took a step back and realized I already knew Photography is what I loved to do and what I wanted to do but it was time to be my own boss.

So here I am now, still that lover of all things captured on film for the sake of stopping time. I am creative, I am unique, I love what I do and I have always felt like a historian by taking photos of a moment that will be forever gone but relived and remembered through one single image.

-Leellen V. Kimmel